Friday, March 19, 2010


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hey guys, Its me again ur princeofawesome review. Yeah I know its has been awhile since Im very lazy to update my blog, actually I dont know what to write here since there arent many new stuffs. So back to the topic, Yes finally the moment that Ive been waiting for so long, MONSTER HUNTER PORTABLE 3RD is gonna be out soon. Though there are no fixed date when this game is gonna launch but rumors says that it will be out by the end of this year around fall(Around August).

Is this game will be alot like TRi(Wii)? Yes it will, most of the monsters are from Tri's, only some monsters are from their previous game, such as Tigrex, Nargacuga, Rathian and Rathalos. I dont know if there are more but from the trailer only these monsters are available/viewable.
Here are the list of Monsters Available..not sure if its confirmed or not

Great Jaggi
Albatrion -
Ibirujo -
Lagiacrus -
Dien Moran -
Navaldeus -
Gobul -
Diablos -

Weapons available for this game? All the weapons from 2ndG is available(YAY!! no weapon cancellation) and they also included Slash Axe..AWESOME hack n slash action :DD
They also added some new moves for the old weapons including GunLance.

On this ver, the plot sets on a new village called Yakumo Village and if you guys didnt notice all of the MH games sets on four different seasons, MHP (Summer) MHP2 (Winter) MHP2nG (Spring) MHP3rd (Fall).
(Yakumo Village)

Here are some of the information that has been confirmed for this upcoming game
- Felyne fighter combat/AI has been revised.
- More emphasis on graphics and sound quality.
- A better communication system is added (probably making use of a keyboard/PS3/microphone on PSP).
- Infrastructure support added.
- No underwater combat, it is to remain exclusive to MH3.
- The game is situated in Yukumo, an oriental village.
- This is a start from scratch, much like MH3 no savefile continuation from MHP2G many new features will be added.
- Felyne fighter armor/weapon can be customised/upgraded adding more depth and attention for them.
- There will be less content (quest wise, which should reflect upon the amount of armors/weapons created) than MHP2G (currently holding the content title, if you exclude Frontier).

Two new maps has been added

Here is the Official Trailer for Monster Hunter Portable 3Rd

Total views as of 17th of March: 350, 000 from official Capcom Channel on Youtube (#1 Most Viewed (Today) - Japan).

Everyone is wildly anticipating this awesome new game. Even though it might take awhile for it to released in ENG ver it sure is worth waiting. I might even learn Japanese a little. I;m dying to playing this game.

the links of MHP3 official site

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The new upcoming PSP game.God Eater & Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep


Hello guys its been a while..again..I just cant find the right time to update my blog. and I really envy my gf''s blog. It is well organized and often be updated unlike me. Anyways today I like to show you guys two new long anticipated psp titled games.

(Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)

(God Eater)

But sadly there are both Japanese origins and yeah only japanese ver available for now. The released date for eng ver is not yet announced so I guess I'll be looking for its english patch then :D

For those who still not yet know, God Eater is actually a copy of Monster Hunter game. Well not entirely, imagine a dot hack games or final fantasy games..yup the fighting styles are more to these two games. Lots of jumping and battle skills(Monster Hunter are more to logic and real life based fighting styles so no sky high jumping and battle skills or arts stuffs)

as for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep it is a new title for KH franchise. Many fans has long awaited for its release as this title will be reveal many yet untold storyline. Though I'm not that kinda fan for KH still I can a sure that this game will be most awesome hell..Not much to say though..anway till the next post ..C ya

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Brand New iPhone 3GS

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

So after lots of research on the net and on books, finally Ive got enough infos and materials for the iPhone 3GS. Yup the one that people keep bragging the best phone in this century. So in this post I will fully list out every aspects and the details about this awesome gadget.

This latest iPhone 3Gs has undergo a massive upgrade from its previous model which is a very fast internet connection and 2 times better in performance and functions. It has a better battery life span(standby mode 300 hours/talking hours 5-12 hours), a high quality camera experience(3mgpxl with autofocus equiped) and also support video recording. Large storage capacity(16G and 32G)

Physical/Outer Design Upclose

*Body Frame
iPhone 3Gs size is 115.5x62.1x12.3mm which is the same exact scale as its previous model but the only difference between its predecessor is their weight which is amounted 135g. iPhone 3Gs also comes in 2 colour which is black and white

*Top Handphone

On top of this phone it has port for 3.5mm audio jack, a slot for SIM card and also ON/OFF button. As for the SIM card slot need a special ejector tool to open it .

*Left Side

As for the left side of the phone is where the volume control button and also the silent mode button(this is kinda convenient)

*Menu Button

As we all know that iPhone has only one and only button which is the home , it covers as a voice control and also spotlight search.

iPhone Apps

Maps and GPS

Magnetic Compass

iPhone 3Gs also has its very own apps such as the Maps, Compass, Spotlight Search, Voice control, Video Sharing and many more..

Contra of iPhone

Well aside from being the most awesome gadget of the year still it has some few flaws with it such as no camera flashes, fixed setting for the camera, cant open the back cassing, no stereo speaker. There are still more I think but dont have the time to find it all.

So as a personal review, this phone is awesome with a very fast internet connection(internet 24/7) has a large storage capacity, lots of cool applications but the fact that this phone is way to luxury for someone the likes of me to use it. Not to mention its monthly payment. So Basicly its a phone for the richies and dont bother to find it on normal phone shop since Maxis has the only rights to sell iPhone in Malaysia. I suggest go to Maxis phone center. The price for phone is around RM2490 for 16G and RM 2990 for 32G.

I guess thats all for this review. Wait for my next installment from the princeofawesome reviews.. :D

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The New Monster Hunter Spin-off: Monster Hunter Diaries Felyne Village

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Good day to ya'all mates, boys and girls. So today I bring up a good=bad news for MH players. The good news is there will be new upcoming MH game for PSP (yay!!!) and the bad news is..well let see owh yeah..its just a spin-off actually (awww f*ck it). Urm well ape2 pn here's the image to make things clearer..

(Japanese name for this game is Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village)

yeah I hate to be the bearer of this awfully bad news but come on guys lets look on the bright side. who knows this game rocks(Like hell i'm gonna play this sh*t)

So anyway ape yg aku dgr game nie ade storyline..yeah as we know before MH francise never had storyline or sort..and we will take the role as a felyne cat..(yeah the LoL cats).Still pape pn game nie still in construction and the date wil be announce later..

From my review is this game is more like the Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? was to the Disgaea series and Chocobo's Dungeon is to Final Fantasy..some sort of like that apape pn kite tunggu je la game kuar and tgk sendiri best ke x..adious

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Final Fantasy 13 Review

Assalamualiakum w.b.t

Yo guys wats up, Lme gak aku x update blog nieh..biase la aku nie pemalas anyway today aku nk prebiu sikit pasal game yg x lme lg nk kuar kt PS3..yeap game nie sbnr nye dh lme dlm pembikinan, since from 2005 kowt..ade stu article aku bce asalnye nk wat FF13 kt PS2 after diorang dh finished FF12 tue..diorang bru halfway and alang2 PS3 nk kuar diorang tukar plan..

So basicly bile korang dgr PS3 mesti dlm kpale otak korang Graphic of the reason FF13 ambik mse yg lme sbb diorang fully optimize graphic to the fullest ape yg PS3 ade..another reason is this is the first FF game yg gune White Engine...this engine was used to to integrate graphics rendering, physics, cinematics, sound, and special effects...

So psal game play die aku x dpt byk sgt info yg aku aku boleh citer the gameplay is awesome ala2 style FF12 gak la real time RPG, summoning system dier rawks,

Here are some of the Images
Well what do you guys think? Hebat kn..So if korang nk tgk trailers bg game nie Youtube ade mlambak video FF13..tgk la korang smpai lebam..Review aku agak tak kukuh sbb tak byk sgt info psal game..dont worry guys aku akn korek anyway till the next post adious...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monster Hunter Tri(3) is coming to the West!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hallu kpd anda2 kembali lagi kita bersame fathi in da house..LoL..haha so kali nie aku nk korek pasal the new upcoming and most latest MH installment..yes the title of the game is Monster Hunter Tri..pade asal nye game nie x di bincang kn lagi nk lauch kt west..because of the high demand from MH fan at the west..capcom tak pikir panjang so die nk launch kt west awal taun dpan(still lambat gak..) so anyway aku akan bagitau info dlm2 pasal game nie..

First of all kepade fan MH yg memiliki PS3 anda terpakse la simpan dulu PS3 tue kt dlam almari sbb mmg konfirm MH3 x kuar kt PS3..sbb pe? MH3 is created especially for Nintendo Wii!! Yes the not so famous Wii..

Ye bukan korang jer yg kecewa aku pn gak...mane aku nk korek duet nk bli mnatang tue..mhal gak weyh...dlm 1000 oleh krana MH punye psal insyallah aku bli gak nnt..

So kali nie graphic die mmg mengancam walaupun die pkai platform Wii..still the graphic are not too shabby it self..mmg gempak..banyak new improvement kt this new game..

1.The two new weapon-Slasher Axe and Med BowGun
2.New movements for the old weapons
3.New more bad ass looking monsters
4.Split screen for two player gameplay
5.Newly improved graphics and the monsters moves looks more real life like...

ade bnyak lagi improvements and aku mlas nk cari yg laen..hrmm so ape macam? Seriusly mse first day launch kt dh ddk bratur nk bli game nie...x caye?? nie gmbar nyeh.

Pehh aku pun rse kehangatan MH3 nieh..cant wait to get my ass on this game..So if korang nk info lanjut so visit la website capcom or monster hunter wikia pn ade info psal Mh3 jgak..So until next post..Adious

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The New PSP it really a success??

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

yo guys..lme dh aku x update blog ku nie..biase arr aku malas sikit bab2 hari aku rajin sikit today aku nk kupas sikit pasal the new upcoming PSP model iaitu the PSP GO..

nie la gambar nye..hurm so ape opinion korang? pada aku menatang nie hodoh gileerrr..sbb ape? sbb die SLIDE...handheld game console x sesuai sliding...x kne arr..handphone x per arr..lagi satu sbb ape aku x suke design die sbb nnt susah nk main Monster Hunter..knpe? spe yg prnah main MH tau la knp..

So anyway ade beberapa add on yg SONY dh tambah kt psp baru nieh..first a VERY2 large flash storage 16Gbyte and memory stick slot(up to 16G)..Bluetooth device..GPS system built in..and 45% than the original PSP 3000..

It was told that it will be out this fall which mean this september dkt north america and europe la...malaysia x tau bile aku search the net rmai yg bagi respon negetif lebih dari positif..antara2 sbb ketara design die x inovatif...and satu lagi sbb besar ialah die dh buang UMD slot so which means korang fully support by PSP user lama yg dh melambak UMD Disk nk campak mne if x leh gune?? and bagi Monster Hunter sedunia setuju bhawa PSP GO adalah satu piece of shit yg menjengkelkan...knape? Kitorang yg maen MH kt PSP lama pn dh rse susah lagi kn nk maen kt PSP GO yg control die x praktikal..huh marah gile aku..mne x nye aku pn sebahagian dr MH Unity..ceh2...
So secara konklusi nye aku x nk bli menatang yg x praktikal dan menyusah kn nieh..mybe pada sesiape yg suke bnde2 yg small and yg bkan die hard gamers boleh la bli bnde nie kos bnde nie kecik and muat letak kot poket anyway adious